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Strata + Hadoop World London 2015 In Review

14 May 2015

I spent last week at the rather ungainly titled Strata + Hadoop World London, O’Reilly’s big data conference. I’ve attended the London event since it started in 2012 and it’s been interesting to observe how the conference has changed over time.

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Monadic IO: Laziness Makes You Free

28 April 2015

Understanding monads is a puzzle with many parts. Understanding the monad interface was easy enough for me, as I’d been programming in functional languages for a while when I first started exploring them, but for a long time I didn’t understand how they made IO operations pure. The answer is to add an extra wrinkle, usually glossed over in Haskell oriented sources, by making all IO actions lazy. It this article we’re going to explore how this works and undercover some surprising relationships to the free monad, which we have been covering in recent posts.

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Deriving the Free Monad

23 April 2015

The free monad is defined by this structure1:

  1. There are other ways of defining the free monad, but this is the most common in my reading.

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Free Monads Are Simple

13 April 2015

I recently gave a talk at the Advanced Scala meetup in London on free monads. Despite the name of the group, I think that free monads are eminently simple as well as being extremely useful. Let me explain.

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Learn Shapeless, Find $500

02 October 2014

I spent a few hours learning Shapeless and it made me $500.

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