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Annihilators in Scala

02 July 2015

In this post I want to explore the design of a type class solving a problem that came up repeatedly in my current project. It’s fairly general, so rather than diving into the details of the project, I’ll start with a few simple examples:

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Keeping Scala Simple

25 June 2015

You don’t have to venture far to find people arguing that Scala is a complex language, or that Scala needs to be more opinionated. Luckily I have plenty of opinions, specifically about how to make Scala simpler, and this is something I’ve been espousing in my recent talks at Scala Days SF and Amsterdam (slides here).

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An Introduction to Cats

10 June 2015

You wouldn’t think the Internet would need a an introduction to cats, but then this Cats is a Scala library, not a small furry bed-hogging mammal. Cats is the spiritual successor to Scalaz: a library of absolutely essential utilities you really want to be using in your Scala code. Compared to Scalaz, Cats is more modular and it is using some newer tools to make its code base easier to work with.

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More on Sealed Traits in Scala

04 June 2015

My recent post on sealed traits had some great feedback but it was clear that I glossed over some points too quickly. In this post I want to go over a new trick I’ve learned for sealed traits and clear up some of the points I made in the last post.

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sealed Traits in Scala

02 June 2015

Sealed traits are essential for idiomatic Scala code, but many developers are hazy on the details of their working. In this post we describe why you want to use them, and how to use them correctly to increase the quality of your code.

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