I’ve founded a few companies:

  • Inner Product is a consultancy focused on Scala, primarily serving the US.
  • Underscore is a consultancy focused on Scala, primarily serving the UK.
  • Myna was an A/B testing SaaS. Our core innovation was using bandit algorithms to make more efficient use of data.
  • Untyped is a consultancy founded by my friend Dave and I. Untyped doesn’t currently do much work directly, but it’s involved in other projects.


Creative Scala
An introduction to functional programming and generative art, aimed at people new to programming. Creative Scala is heavily inspired by HtDP, and like HtDP strives to present programming as a systematic process.
Essential Scala
An introduction to Scala for experienced developers, Essential Scala revolves around four core techniques in effective Scala programming: algebraic data types, structural recursion, sequencing computations, and type classes.
Scala with Cats
This book covers core functional programming abstractions such as monoids and monads, and shows how they can be used in the small and in the large.


At the moment my main open source project is Doodle, a Scala library for visualisation and creative coding. Other projects can be found on my Github account.


Tips for Teaching Scala, 2019
Scala Days Laussane
Differentiable Functional Programming, 2018
Scala Days NYC, Scala Days Berlin, Scala eXchange
Maths for Programming, Fun, and Creativity, 2017
With Dave Gurnell, Lambda World Cadiz
Uniting Church and State: FP and OO Together, 2017
Scala Days Copenhagen, Scala Days Chicago, Scala eXchange
The Structure of Programming Language Revolutions, 2016
Scala Days Berlin 2016, Scala Days NYC 2016
To be continued…