New Site
30 October 2018

I've just moved house---I'm now living near Cambridge---so it seems appropriate I should update my digital home as well.

My old site was hosted on an a company server and it fell off the Internet due to some changes there. Wading through the old Jekyll configuration didn't sound like fun, so it remained offline for a number of years. Eventually I found the energy to start moving it over to Haykll. Haskell is much more interesting to program in, and I've quite enjoyed mucking around with CSS (though I'm far from proficient in it). All up, resurrecting this site proved to be more enjoyable than I expected.

I've also found I want an outlet for writing that doesn't fit the more commercial orientation of the companies I work at. With a bit of luck some of these thoughts will find their way to this blog, instead of being trapped inside my head. Of course that's much easier to say than do!