I enjoy giving talks. Here's an incomplete list of my talks, with links where I could find them.

Bringing Scala to a Diverse Group of Students, 2020

With Elissavet Velli and Yifan Xing, NE Scala, Scala Love

Tips for Teaching Scala, 2019

Scala Days Laussane

Differentiable Functional Programming, 2018

Scala Days NYC, Scala Days Berlin, Scala eXchange

Maths for Programming, Fun, and Creativity, 2017

With Dave Gurnell, Lambda World Cadiz

Uniting Church and State: FP and OO Together, 2017

Scala Days Copenhagen, Scala Days Chicago, Scala eXchange

The Structure of Programming Language Revolutions, 2016

Scala Days Berlin 2016, Scala Days NYC 2016

What’s There to Know about A/B Testing?, 2015

Strata + Hadoop World, London

Reconciling Eventually-Consistent Data with CRDTs, 2013

Velocity Conference London 2013, Scala eXchange 2013

Making Big Data Small, 2012

Strata London 2012