About Me

I'm Noel and this is my personal site. You can find me on Twitter as @noelwelsh or email me at noel@noelwelsh.com.

I currently work at Inner Product and Underscore where I split time between the business and technical sides. In the past I founded a company called Myna that brought bandit algorithms to the world of A/B testing.

I've been interested in computers for a long time, particularly the leverage that computers give to people. I followed this interest to a PhD in machine learning, focusing on Bayesian nonparametrics and reinforcement learning.

I still find machine learning very interesting, but right now I'm more involved with programming and programming languages. A large part of my work is helping people become more effective with functional programming. This has put me in contact with the field of education, which I'm enjoying learning more about.

In another life I might have been an artist. I enjoy creating art with the computer. Creative Scala is in some ways an outlet for this interest.